banner44556It’s no secret—some people just hate the dentist. Whether you get anxious once you sit in the dentist’s chair or have dental nightmares throughout the year, a lot of people have a deeply rooted fear of the dentist’s office that makes dental procedures stressful and traumatic. In some cases, people will skip the dentist entirely to avoid dealing with this fear, which can lead to a number of unfortunate dental problems.

But what is it about the dentist that people are afraid of? In order to conquer a fear, you must be able to identify the source of that fear. That’s where Germantown’s dentist of choice can help. Here are a few common dental fears and anxieties, and the best ways to deal with them and conquer them.

You had a traumatic dental experience in the past.

A large number people attribute their fear of dental exams and dentists to a traumatic childhood experience in the dentist’s office. Maybe you had an unfriendly dentist as a child, or perhaps a certain dental procedure was more painful and difficult for you than for others. Regardless of your situation, it’s important to realize that dentists are unique human beings who occasionally make mistakes. The proverbial “crimes” of your childhood dentist shouldn’t be convictions for all the future dentists of your life.

If you feel that your dentist is too rough, impatient, or inconsiderate of your dental fears, don’t blame the world of dentistry—find another dentist that works for you. Naturally, we recommend the exceptionally friendly and experienced professionals at Clopper’s Mill Dental Care.

You hate needles.

Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t mind needles” or “needles are fine by me?” Probably not. Needles are a nearly universal human fear—after all, who likes to get poked with a sharp object?

There’s no true way to conquer a fear of needles, but a couple ways to make the process of getting jabbed a little easier. First, be sure to take slow, deep breaths, which is an excellent way to return your body to a more calm, passive state. Also, avoid looking at the needle as it’s being prepped or lodged into your skin. This will help you avoid the sinking feeling of seeing a needle that’s a bit larger than expected, and will completely remove the intense fear and panic that comes from a doctor moving a needle toward you in what feels like slow motion. If you never see the needle, you don’t have to deal with fearing the needle beforehand—you only have to deal with a little pain and discomfort.

feat6655You’re afraid of potential pain.

Not all dental procedures are created equal, with some being a bit more uncomfortable than others. Ultimately, the most painful procedures, like root canals and crowns, are the consequence of plaque and tartar buildup around a tooth—and that is the consequence of poor dental hygiene.

The more often you go to the dentist and the more often you practice good oral health habits, the less likely it is for you to undergo serious and potentially painful dental procedures. A simple teeth cleaning is practically painless, but a root canal is another story. If you want to avoid painful dental procedures, put in the work and the time to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

You feel like dental exams are invasive.

One of the biggest complaints about going to the dentist’s office is the feeling of helplessness that comes from someone poking around in your mouth. A mouth is a very personal and sensitive part of the body, and is highly connected to the act of breathing for some people. Once a dental procedure begins, many people feel like they can’t breathe very well while the dentist examines and works inside the oral cavity, which only exacerbates the patient’s feelings of anxiety and helplessness.

To curb these feelings, practice taking slow, deep breaths through the nostrils. This will ease anxiety and ensure proper breathing during the procedure.

You are afraid of what the dentist will tell you.

For many people, going to the dentist (or any doctor) serves as confirmation for many medical issues they believe they already have. For example, even if you know you have a cavity, you can deny it and ignore it all you want until a dentist is poking around in your mouth trying to fix your cavity. In any aspect of life, pretending your problems don’t exist won’t solve your problems—it will make them worse. Routine visits to the dentist’s office can stop small dental problems from growing larger. Wouldn’t you rather confront a small medical issue than a large and serious one?

inner3355Don’t fear—talk to your dentist!

At Clopper’s Mill Dental Care in Germantown, we understand that dental anxiety is very real and detrimental to oral health. In fact, we see examples of that anxiety in our office every single day  (even some of our staff members have struggled with dental anxiety). That’s why we put a heavy emphasis on preventative dental care, as well as clear communication with our patients.

At Clopper’s Mill Dental Care, we want to hear about all the things that give you dental anxiety so we can make your experience as stress-free as possible. Our expert dentists, hygienists, and staff members are friendly, patient, experienced, and incredibly crafty and knowledgeable about the best ways to deal with your dental anxiety, or even better, help you conquer it. Our office caters to families, so your children will feel safe and comfortable during dental procedures—and can potentially develop a positive view of the dentist’s office from the start.
Book an appointment with Germantown’s dentist of choice, and start a new and improved relationship with the dentist’s office today!