Taking your child into the dentist for frequent checkups is an important part of keeping your young one healthy. You want them to have a healthy and strong smile as they grow and a visit to the dentist will help ensure that happens. However, no matter how much you might understand the importance of going to the dentist, for some kids, the idea of climbing into the dentist’s chair is frightening.

If you need a family dentist in Germantown you can trust to help keep your child’s teeth in pristine condition, visit our office. We work with the whole family to ensure everyone has a healthy smile, from the oldest to the youngest family member. Before you come to visit, check out these tips for helping your child prepare for their trip to the dentist.

Start With A Fun Visit at Clopper’s Mill Dental

Before you schedule a full cleaning and dental fillings for your child, make sure they are already familiar with the dental office. Bring them by for a quick visit to the office just to say hi to staff members. Ask your dentist if they can come out and greet your kid so they will know who they are visiting later. A fun visit without the stress of an actual appointment can help make your child more comfortable around the staff when the day of their real appointment arrives.

Make Sure They Practice Daily Dental Hygiene

Another way you can help your kid enjoy their next dentist visit is by ensuring they practice daily dental hygiene. If they brush their teeth and floss daily, the cleaning process will be simple and quick. This will also help prevent them from developing cavities, which will make the entire dentist visit more pleasurable.

Don’t Project Your Fears

Often, our children are afraid of things before they even try them due to the projection of our own fears onto them. Make sure you are not projecting your fear of the dentist on your kid. When you talk about going to the dentist, do you talk about it with dread? Do you ask them about being scared of the dentist before they even expressed that fear? If so, you might wind up making them afraid for no reason. Make sure that you display a good attitude about your own trips to the dentist so they can follow suit.

Bring Along A Beloved Friend

If your child is nervous on the day of their dentist appointment, bring along a stuffed animal or toy that brings them comfort. If their furry teddy bear makes them feel safer, then there is no reason to not bring that friend along for the trip. You can even play dentist with them beforehand and give their stuffed animal a quick checkup. Ask them to hold their stuffed animal’s hand during the pretend checkup and explain that you and the stuffy will be there for them in the same way during their visit.

End The Day With A Treat

Make sure that after your child visits the dentist you reward them with a fun treat. This will help them not only have something to look forward to if they are worried but will also establish a happy association with dentist visits. You can take them to their favorite park, pick out a new movie for the night, or stop by a store and choose a new toy.

Choose The Right Dentist in Germantown, MD

One of the best ways to ensure your child enjoys visiting the dentist is to pick a dentist you can trust. Choose a dentist that works with families and will treat your child with care and empathy. A good dentist should be able to put your child at ease and work around any anxiety your child might feel.

Here at Germantown Dental Group, we are passionate about helping the whole family retain beautiful, healthy smiles. We can work with you to ensure your kiddo has the best experience possible when they visit our dental office. When it comes to choosing a dentist in Germantown that you can trust to take care of your child, we hope you will pick our team. We look forward to meeting the whole family, so schedule an appointment today or stop by to meet our friendly staff.