Happily surprised

When I called Clopper’s Mill Dental Care five minutes before they closed, they were happy to schedule me for their first appointment the following day. I repaid their helpfulness by showing up five minutes late. They were genuinely happy to see me and didn’t mind at all that I was late. The dentist and his staff were very personable and treated me warmly, as a person, not “clinically” as a patient or in a stiff, “matter of fact” manner like a client. It’s one thing to be informative, another to be nice, and yet another to be professional. They went beyond adding all three together and made the whole experience feel comfortable and natural. This is something that can’t be achieved by people just showing up to work and doing their jobs, they also have to understand and care, That’s what the people at Clopper’s Mill Dental Care do.

David K.