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When you have a young child, you might wonder when it is the right time to take them to the dentist. How old should your kid be for their first dental visit? The answer is that it is younger than you think. Learn more below about your kid’s first dentist visit and proper dental care for your young ones.

Dentist At First Sight

The first time you should schedule a dental visit for your youngster is at the first sighting of teeth. When your toddler has a new tooth on display, it is the perfect time to take your little one in for a quick checkup. While you might think you should wait until all their baby teeth have broken through, the reality is that it is better to visit much sooner than this.

If your child only has one or two teeth, you might wonder what a checkup will entail. The answer is that their first checkup will be a quick and simple visit that is aimed at familiarizing them with the dental office and at ensuring there are no notable issues with their very first teeth.

During their first visit, some of the goals will be the following:

  • Comfort: An early dental visit gives your dentist a chance to help your young one feel comfortable at the dentist. This will eliminate any fear so that future, more extensive visits, are not anxiety-inducing.
  • Learning: Another goal during your child’s very first visit will be to teach both you and your little one more about proper dental care. Your dentist will go over the basics of taking care of your toddler’s new teeth.
  • Detection: Visiting the dentist after your child’s very first teeth erupt will allow for early detection of any issues. Your dentist can carefully inspect these new teeth to ensure your child’s mouth is healthy and everything is as it should be.

After Their First Visit at Clopper’s Mill Dental

Once you have brought your young one to the dentist, you will want to continue with the right care to ensure their new teeth remain healthy and strong. While they will eventually lose their baby teeth, these teeth will be used for quite some time to come, which makes taking good care of them important.

After your dentist visit, make sure you continue to brush new teeth and keep an eye out on more teeth as they form. If you see anything worrisome or have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist. They can help you ensure that your child’s new teeth are on the right track.

Continue To Schedule Check-Ups at Clopper’s Mill Dental

After your initial visit, you will want to continue to bring your child in for subsequent check-ups.
A visit every six months is ideal or, at the least, once a year. These follow-ups will allow your dentist to keep track of your child’s teeth as they continue to form and take their place. Once your kid has a full set of teeth, a professional cleaning will help prevent cavities and keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Beyond The Dental Chair

Not only will frequent check-ups be an important component of your child’s dental health, but there is also a myriad of factors beyond this that will help. Make sure that you are teaching your young one as they grow older the importance of brushing and flossing daily. You should also focus on a healthy diet that will allow for the growth of strong teeth. Try to keep your kids away from copious amounts of sugary foods and drinks.

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